Haifa’s Sneek Peek

Shown here is a portion of a mosaic mural by the Peekskill train station in the public park, Riverfront Green.  Standing approximately 5ft high and 6ft wide , titled: An ancient mariner’s map of the Hudson River designed by Haifa  for the City of Peekskill.  It conveys the wealth of surrounding “wild life” at a time when  numerous species of fish also filled the River.

Hudson River Fact of the Week, January 19th

The DEC's Logo

The Hudson River Estuary logo depicts an Atlantic sturgeon, the Hudson’s largest fish. It highlights the estuary’s critical role as habitat for valuable fish and wildlife and the need to be vigilant in protecting this natural heritage. Through a partnership involving the DEC, the New York State Department of Transportation, the New York State Thruway Authority, and the New York State Bridge Authority, the logo appears on signs where major highways cross tributaries of the estuary. It reminds travelers that these streams are intimately connected to the mainstream, and that the health of the Hudson depends on the health of its watershed.