Fish Tales Around Westchester is a collaboration among Westchester-based artists and the artist-educators of R.A.R.E.

ArtsWestchester Artists:

Jay Albrecht

Haifa Bint-Kadi

Beth DeWit

Ann Ladd

Jude Ferencz

David Licata

Wilfredo Morel

Joe Mullins

Tova Snyder

Eileen Stodut

R.A.R.E. Artists:

R.A.R.E. is made up of a freelance group of talented artists, caring educators and knowledgeable scientists. This unique mix is the foundation that enables the continual process of growth that allows us to spread the stories of awareness and teachings of nature.

Audrey Hawkins

Bill Martin

Eddie Pena

Todd Rawson

Vila Rawson

Dominick Santise

Julia Sverchuk

Celeste Lai

Evan Turk

Participating individuals from Organizations:

Eric Lind of Constitution Marsh

Community Boat Works of the Hudson Valley

Alison Jones, No Water No Life Organization

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