Chris Bowser and Sarah Mount of the Hudson River Eel Project: Heroes of the Week

These two environmental scientists are both heroes of the week for the work they do in studying one of our well travelled Hudson River neighbor: the Eel!   A little information about the eel (and I may have mentioned this before but I find it so fascinating); they spawn in the Sargasso Sea where the Bermuda Triangle is located and swim to our estuaries to live.  The species is in decline and no one is exactly sure why.

About the eel project: teams of scientists, students, and community volunteers collect the glass eels using net and trap devices on several Hudson River tributaries each spring. The juvenile fish are counted, weighed, and released alive, and other environmental data is recorded.  For more information:

*Next week, Saturday August 4th Sarah will be presenting at the ArtsWestchester gallery in White Plains from 1pm – 3pm.  She just may be bringing one of our long slippery friends!

It is hot! It is sticky! It is blue crab season.

The blue crab’s Latin name, Callinectes sapidus, means “beautiful savory swimmer”.   The blue crab is one of the largest crustaceans. It has five pairs of legs.  The first pair are claws modified for eating and defense and the last pair are modified for use as swimming paddles.

Blue crabs overwinter in high salinity waters near the mouths of major freshwater inputs and bays. As water temperature warms and salinity increases, crabs move upstream into freshwater to mate. After mating occurs, female crabs return to higher salinity waters to release their eggs. The Hudson River has a robust blue crab population

Barry Keegan

Barry Keegan will be leading our  Fish Tales workshop this coming weekend, Saturday July 7th, 1-4pm.  A man deeply connected to the wilderness and preserving Native American craft.  Learn the art of fire making, fishing techniques, as well as flint and basket making!

An art activity will be presented by R.A.R.E. in conjunction to the workshop.

More info on Barry Keegan can be found at: