The journey of the 1000lb tree

The blood, sweat, tears and celebration! – and that is only the start of the journey; the portion of just loading the “mixed metal beauty of a tree” traveling from Red Hook (Hudson) to White Plains.

We started our morning at 9:30 am, prepping and adding the finishing touches.  The moving van departed with it’s weary three person team from ArtsWestchester at 4pm.  Installation of Fish Tales officially begins!

Wilfredo Morel’s Sneak Peek

The Tree’s core, branches, and organically wrapped elements create a constant fluid battle between human industrial movements and nature’s survival.  Stretching out from within emerges a human limb gently holding a piece of history; a rivet from the World Trade Center.  This 9/11 part to the Tree symbolizes mankind embracing structure; it’s the harmony, appreciation, and respect we need to pay to our planet.  After all, we can only create from what it gives.