Dominick’s Sneek Peak: storyboard for animation













The absolute beauty of this project is that it reacquainted me with an old friend. I’ve lived within a few miles of the Hudson my entire life. It’s always been there whether or not I took any notice of it. Not until I spent time away did I realize how greatly I was tied to it, how much I’d taken it for granted. There is more to life on a river than commerce and industry. It is healing, regenerative, and flowing. Each step through this project—as the process directed me to all things foreign, all things alien—I found that I was discovering the Hudson anew. What is the Hudson without the precious devils heads? What is the Hudson without the people who live along it? How does one affect the other and what is given in return? Can man really change life, or does life take over with man’s altered states?

Artist of the Week: Dominick Santise

Dominick Santise was born in upstate New York in 1975. A graduate of Parsons School of Design as well as a student of the late David J. Passalacqua, he works as a designer and an illustrator. Recently he has turned his time and attention to the subjects of agriculture and the environment, starting the artisanal ceramic plate project Terra Messor and contributing to the blog Dominick is the author/illustrator of several stories, including Beneath the Tree, and has been working on the book Spring Tea Party, written by his late grandmother. He lives in Beacon, NY with his wife and daughters and proudly serves on the board of a local farm project.