Artist of the Week: Steel Imaginations Inc. Founder Wilfredo Morel


Inspired by Picasso and the Age of Iron, Wilfredo Morel has been creating metal sculpture installations throughout the Hudson Valley since 1991. His creations range from semi-abstract images, to representational bronze sculptures and metal wall reliefs. Morel’s sculptures can be viewed at both private and public installations along the Hudson River. His sculptures are created from metals which were at one time used for functional purposes in the communities in which they are discovered, incorporating his love for community and art. Morel’s philosophy is to use art as a “vehicle of hope demonstrating the evolution of purpose in the lives of all things and beings.”

Artists of the Week: Tova Snyder

 Tova Snyder lives in Pigna, Italy, and in Rye, NY. Her main studio is in Port Chester.  She has worked on site specific art installations in the United States, Europe, and South America. Her most  recent installation, constructed out of bamboo and mylar sheets which were written and drawn by the public in workshops she conducted, was exhibited at the NYC Battery Park Gardens of Remembrance during the 10th anniversary com- memorations of the 9/11 events. Locally, her artwork can be seen at the Harrison Metro North train station. Her designs for the 12 faceted glass windows in the station house and elevator towers were commissioned by the MTA/Arts for Transit program.

Eileen’s Sneak Peek


As an artist I respond to emotional stimuli in a way that is surreal and dreamlike through figurative abstractions of shapes and color. The vividness and variations excite me. I am drawn to the beauty and expressiveness of the gentle juxtaposition of the real with the unreal, the narrative and the symbolic.