Seahorses swimming at the Hudson River Musem this past week

This past (spring break) week at the Hudson River Museum, R.A.R.E. in collaboration with ArtsWestchester was invited to participate in their SOSI program.  Museum attendees were invited to work on an arts and crafts project involving one of our local fish neighbors in the river, the seahorse.  The wonderful junior docents educated and inspired the attendees about the species which led into some meaningful craft making.  The craft was followed up with learning how we as individuals can make an impact in our local environment for the better.  As a result we have some wonderful schools of seahorse that will be swimming in ArtsWestchester “waters” that suggest ways in which we can make a difference.  Those who donated their seahorse can come search for their “pet creation” at the gallery.


Eileen Stodut; Artist of the Week

My love of creation and life stem from an incident when I almost lost my own. The reawakening of my soul and the realization that we are all one has made me see how fragile and delicate the essence of life is. I believe, most people deep in their hearts, are aware of this; it is the strand that ties us all together. This oneness we have to each other and the earth and all it’s inhabitants is what I strive to communicate through my art.  My participation with Fish Tales; Around Westchester is a vehicle in which I am given the opportunity to combine my passion for art and nature.


Ann’s Sneak Peek

What I have done for the “Fish Tales” exhibit is to use objects that represent how I see the wetlands and food chains. Capturing childhood, food and parenting through the use of found materials from my past or belonging to me that relate.  Toys, kitchen utensils, and the pantry items used, are all a part of who I am as an artist, as a mother and the inner child within.