Artists of the Week Todd & Laura Rawson

Todd Rawson is an artist whose vibrant illustrations tell stories by combining symbols and picture-making. He is a graduate of Pratt Institute and has worked with diverse clients ranging from international publishers, record companies, and museums. Todd currently resides in New York City where he works as a design director for an educational tech company.

Laura Vila Rawson lives in New York City with her husband and two cats. She grew up in the Midwest and studied at The Chicago Art Institute and Pratt Institute. Laura believes that being curious about the world is important and has spent her career as an artist exploring this through art and storytelling.


Artist of the Week: Eddie Peña

Born in New York City, artist Eddie Peña received his B.A. at Parsons School of Design majoring in Illustration. He is a member of Studio 1482, an illustration and design studio. As an early lover of comic books, he takes sequential storytelling and storyboarding to a sophisticated level with knowledge of schools, culture and the great masters of drawing. Eddie has created works for clients such as 3M, JibJab Media, L’Oréal and many more.He continues to reside, work and serve his community in the Bronx as a Professor at Hostos Community College and Media Instructor for City Parks Productions reaching out to underserved areas such as Hunts Point and the Lower East Side.

Julia’s Sneak Peek

The mural “What it’s Like to Be a Fish” (created by J.Sverchuk & E.Peña) illustrates the underwater worlds of salt water and fresh water.  It meets at the center, representing the estuary that makes up the LI sound. The window in the middle of the mural is utilized to provide daylight to the translucent section (of the mural), giving off a stain glass effect.


Julia Sverchuk; Artist of the Week

Julia Sverchuk is an illustrator and art director specializing in digital advertising. She was born in Moscow, Russia, and came to New York with family in 1994. She started drawing as a teenager and after finishing high school in Brooklyn, went on to receive her BFA in Illustration at Parsons The New School for Design. Julia is currently taking post-graduate classes taught by Veronica Lawlor and Margaret Hurst at Dalvero Academy. During free time, she sees a lot of live music and cultural events and draws on location. Julia also loves to draw on the iPhone and iPad using the Brushes app. She blogs about her art on

Wilfredo Morel’s Sneak Peek

The Tree’s core, branches, and organically wrapped elements create a constant fluid battle between human industrial movements and nature’s survival.  Stretching out from within emerges a human limb gently holding a piece of history; a rivet from the World Trade Center.  This 9/11 part to the Tree symbolizes mankind embracing structure; it’s the harmony, appreciation, and respect we need to pay to our planet.  After all, we can only create from what it gives.

Artist of the Week: Steel Imaginations Inc. Founder Wilfredo Morel


Inspired by Picasso and the Age of Iron, Wilfredo Morel has been creating metal sculpture installations throughout the Hudson Valley since 1991. His creations range from semi-abstract images, to representational bronze sculptures and metal wall reliefs. Morel’s sculptures can be viewed at both private and public installations along the Hudson River. His sculptures are created from metals which were at one time used for functional purposes in the communities in which they are discovered, incorporating his love for community and art. Morel’s philosophy is to use art as a “vehicle of hope demonstrating the evolution of purpose in the lives of all things and beings.”

Tova Snyder’s Sneak Peek

In taking a look at the universal picture, Tova concludes that besides there being a dialog involving scientists, economists and politicians – it comes down to the individual and our individual choices which have the power, when unified with others, to avert disastrous climate change.  By using elements of fantasy and found objects within a ‘fun house’ theme, viewers walk through an installation that asks them to place themselves directly within current events and to speculate on personal decisions, while offering suggestions for individual and community action.

Artists of the Week: Tova Snyder

 Tova Snyder lives in Pigna, Italy, and in Rye, NY. Her main studio is in Port Chester.  She has worked on site specific art installations in the United States, Europe, and South America. Her most  recent installation, constructed out of bamboo and mylar sheets which were written and drawn by the public in workshops she conducted, was exhibited at the NYC Battery Park Gardens of Remembrance during the 10th anniversary com- memorations of the 9/11 events. Locally, her artwork can be seen at the Harrison Metro North train station. Her designs for the 12 faceted glass windows in the station house and elevator towers were commissioned by the MTA/Arts for Transit program.

Eileen Stodut; Artist of the Week

My love of creation and life stem from an incident when I almost lost my own. The reawakening of my soul and the realization that we are all one has made me see how fragile and delicate the essence of life is. I believe, most people deep in their hearts, are aware of this; it is the strand that ties us all together. This oneness we have to each other and the earth and all it’s inhabitants is what I strive to communicate through my art.  My participation with Fish Tales; Around Westchester is a vehicle in which I am given the opportunity to combine my passion for art and nature.