Artist of the Week: Joe Mullins

I went on vacation to Indian Lake in the Adirondacks in 2005.  I was introduced to a form of nature printing called gyotaku which literally translate into “gyo”, meaning fish, “taku” meaning rubbing.  The artist in me, was amazed at the wonderful details captured and beauty of the translation of the fish in print.  At the same time I was becoming re-acquainted with a childhood passion of mine, fishing.  I grew up spending my weekends and summers on Shinnecock Bay with my brother and a row boat.

From this day on, I set forth on a mission, to educate myself about fish and fishing.  Everywhere I went on vacation I packed my fishing pole, paper and ink.  Every fish, I made prints of; from an alligator gar I caught in the Everglades to a barracuda from Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Soon I was making “trophy” prints for local fisherman.

Eventually the process was formed into an educational workshop that combined my passion for not only art and fishing but the concern of the declining fish “stocks” and the importance of caring for our environment.

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